Prince William, Air Force Return Imminent, New Dad Wants Son to Meet Colleagues

Prince William will soon be leaving wife Kate and son George to return to the Royal Air Force and the call of duty. The royal made headlines by being one of the first royals to actually take paid paternity leave after the birth of his son.

William will return to duty this week, while Kate will stay at her parents' home in Bucklebury. There are reports that William wants to take baby George to meet his colleagues in the Royal Air Force, who have all been very supportive of the new father.

"Prince William cherishes the friendships he made on Anglesey," a source told the Mirror. "The men and women he has met there are a quite different category to his friends from Eton and St. Andrews University. When he is on the base, he loves being just a regular guy. There's a lot of laughs and a lot of banter. He feels that he's made friends on Anglesey who will be with him for the rest of his life and like any new father he is eager to show off his new boy."

Apparently William wants Kate and George to join him in Anglesey rather than staying in Bucklebury, which would be more convenient for the helicopter pilot. But Kate would rather stay on with her parents, where she has extra help and support during her transition to motherhood.

William is expected to leave the Royal Air Force next month to rejoin the Army regiment, the Household Calvary Blues and Royals, which will keep him closer to home at Kensington Palace.

"The decision as to what the Duke will do once his current tour with the Search and Rescue Force comes to an end in late summer is still with the Duke himself," William's press officer told Us Weekly.

The new family is expected to move into Kensington Palace once renovations are complete at the home.