Prince William and 4-Year-Old Girl's Rejection Goes Viral (VIDEO)

Prince William was rejected by a 4-year-old girl as he leaned in for a kiss while greeting fans in Glasgow, and the photo and video have gone viral. The Prince took everything in stride though, and joked about the situation.

Shona Ritchie, 4, was with her mom when the Prince and Duchess arrived in Glasgow. She was ready to meet the Prince and even wore the costume of Disney's princess Merida from "Brave."

"When she finally plucked up the courage to ask him (for a kiss), she got really shy and pulled away," Shona's mother, Karen, told Metro U.K.. Prince William was hardly offended and joked about the situation in order to try and make Shona feel more comfortable.

William and Kate were in Scotland on a royal visit to the Emirates Arena, which will be one of the venues for the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games. The two are known by different titles when in the country: the Earl and Countess of Strathearn. During their visit to the Arena, they saw demonstrations of events and even a performance by the 2014 mascot, Clyde.

"Clyde doesn't speak but he was gesturing to Kate about her baby as if to congratulate her. Before the visit he was asking if he could pat the bump, but we told him no. When he was signaling to her about the baby, she just laughed and said, 'Oh yes, the baby. Thank you very much,'" manager Samantha Jones told the BBC.

The two also visited the Donald Dewar Leisure Center to launch a new project with Prince Harry and the Glasgow Sport and the Hunter Foundation. The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as well as Prince Harry decided to help fund and support the initiative, which will launch a new pilot program entitled Coach Core.

William and Kate engaged in a little 1-on-1 basketball action while there and played a friendly game of table tennis, which Kate easily won. However, it seems the highlight of the trip was little Shona, who stole the show with her refusal to kiss the Prince.

Watch Shona reject Prince William here: