Prince William and Kate Middleton Upgrade Palace Apartment

Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, will be upgrading their digs and moving into a larger apartment in London’s picturesque Kensington Palace next year.

The couple already has an apartment in the palace. However, the apartment the newlyweds will be moving into is substantially larger and has been described as a “large suite of rooms.”

The four-story space comes accompanied with 20 rooms, including a nursery and a private walled garden.

With the couple moving to a larger space in apartment 1A, it is likely that the rumors swirling about the Duchess being pregnant will not subside any time soon.

William and Kate will not move spaces until 2013 when the apartment has been renovated. Prince Harry will be taking over the apartment that is currently housing the popular royal pair when they move.

Nobody has lived in the lavish apartment 1A since the death of the Queen’s sister Margaret in 2002 and it currently has outdated plumbing and wiring, making it uninhabitable.

With the move forthcoming, it is likely that Prince William will be battling to replace a statue at the palace with his namesake, William III, to one devoted to his late mother, Princess Diana.

The statue is the focal point to those who visit the palace that William grew up in and following the untimely death of Princess Diana, a campaign ensued to replace the statue to one devoted to his late mother often referred to as the “people’s Princess.”

However, Princess Margaret who was living in 1A at the time vetoed the move arguing that she did not want to see the late Princess of Whales “staring at me every time I look out the window.”

With Margaret gone and the royal couple pursuing the largest apartment in the palace, an unusual move for William and Kate who have thus far lived in more modest conditions, it appears that perhaps the move might be a push by Diana’s eldest son for the palace to finally pay tribute to his late mother.