Prince William, Duchess Kate Adding Extension to Sandringham Estate

Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton are set to move into their new home in Kensington Palace and are hard at work planning for their second home in Sandringham. The couple wants to add a conservatory to their Sandringham estate.

While their primary home will be at Kensington Palace in London, Queen Elizabeth gave the Sandringham estate to her grandson as a gift. He, Kate, and Prince George will go there when they desire, or when their schedule allows. It's a significantly more private residence that would allow them greater freedom.

William and Kate have applied for permission to build the conservatory, complete with a glass-roofed extension onto the kitchen of the property. King's Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council have already approved the room, but the full plans of the room will not be published for security reasons. The home at Sandringham is quite luxurious and has a tennis court and swimming pool, as well as stables.

"It is a private matter," a spokeswoman for Clarence House told the Daily Mail. "It is a private matter. We won't be making any comment on it at all."

First, though, the royal family will settle into life at Kensington Palace, which will be their first permanent home as a three-person family.

"They can't wait!" a friend told The Express. "They are so looking forward to getting the place how they want it and being settled."

"Mary [Princess of Denmark] showed them around their apartment at the Amelienborg Palace and they loved the way they had combined their collection of modern art with antique furniture," a palace source added. "Kate was truly inspired and wants to use some similar ideas in some of the rooms at Kensington Palace."

In the meantime, the Duke and Duchess are busy planning Prince George's Christening, which will take place on Oct. 23 and feature many of the royal traditions, including the royal Christening gown George will wear.