Prince William Losing Job? RAF Outsources Search and Rescue to Private Company (VIDEO)

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(The Clarence House/St. James's Palace Press Office)Prince William prepares to board the Sea King helicopter before taking part in a waterbird practice exercise in front of thousands of spectators in Canada, July 4, 2011.

Prince William could be losing his job, according to new reports out on March 26.

The prince is currently an RAF search and rescue pilot, however, according to a report in the New York Post his job is now in danger as the British Royal Air Force has decided to outsource to a company from the United States.

It has been reported that the Bristow Group will take over some work for the RAF, and that could mean that Prince William could be made unemployed.

It is believed that the outsourcing agreement will result in 22 new helicopters joining the RAF fleet, and that the deal will cost an estimated $2.4 billion.

However, the announcement also seems to indicate that the current RAF Sea King helicopters, presently used by Prince William, will be retired.

At present Prince William is employed as a flight lieutenant who operates a search and rescue helicopter for RAF Valley on Anglesey in North Wales.

It is believed his current position is one of 275 employees who could face losing their jobs by the recent move to outsource work to the Bristow Group. Some reports have claimed that the Bristow Group will provide an option to some employees to transfer over to them when they take over, however, it is likely many will still be left without a job at the end of the move.

However, some reports have also pointed out that Prince William is due to finish his current contract with the RAF in September 2013, and given that the move to privatize the search and rescue part of the RAF's work was touted years ago, the current movement has not come as a great surprise to anyone.

Here is a video news report of Prince William landing his helicopter on water: