Prince William Personal Photos Removed by Ministry of Defense

While Prince William was happy to release personal photos from a day at work, his security detail was less than pleased. The photos, posted on the royal family's website, have been taken down due to security fears.

Viewers were able to see a life in the day of Prince William as he worked at the Royal Air Force's Search and Rescue squadron. Photos included William relaxing with a colleague, looking intensely at a computer, and making the rounds at the squad's base in Anglesey.

It was the second time William has held such a photo shoot; when he turned 18, the prince released photos of himself at Eton studying and making breakfast.

However, while the Eton photos were sanctioned by the royal family, the ones just released were not. According to the Ministry of Defense, the photos were removed after an "administrative oversight." The military did not give explicit permission for them to be released.

What could be so harmful? Hackers could focus in on the computer screens in the pictures and decipher usernames and passwords. The ministry later said that as a result, all usernames and passwords were reset. The photos have since been reissued and given the proper clearance.

Meanwhile, Duchess Catherine has released her own sort of personal photos from a holiday with Prince William in Borneo. Instead of being the subject of the photos, though, Catherine was behind the camera. The couple traveled to Malaysia as part of the Diamond Jubilee tour in September, and Catherine took the opportunity to capture the experience on film.

Each photo has its own caption that explicitly tells viewers where the Prince and Duchess were when it was taken. The photos can be viewed on the couple's website.