Prince William Rescue Nothing New for Royal

Prince William has again played the role of the white knight for a pair of stranded hikers in north Wales. This is not the first time William, a member of the Royal Air Force Station's Search and Rescue Operations unit, has been involved in the call of duty.

A couple in their 40s and 50s had been stranded atop a mountain in Wales, according to the Daily Mirror. A friend telephoned for help after not being able to get in contact with them, and the Search and Rescue Operations Unit was deployed. William, a pilot, flew the helicopter that brought them to safety.

The Lieutenant brought another woman to safety after she broke her leg during a hike near the Anglesey coast. Darlene Burton, 58, and her husband, Lawrence Oakley were vacationing when she slipped and broke her leg.

"It was a really awkward place for the paramedics to work on her," Oakley told the Canadian Globe and Mail. They were then airlifted out of the area by none other than Prince William, but were not a bit fazed by the experience or celebrity.

"They all know up here that that's his job," Oakley said. "He assisted in helping Darlene when they moved the stretcher out (of the helicopter)."

William also saved a pair of teenagers who got swept out to sea while body-boarding off the same coast. They were reportedly "fighting a losing battle and were swept out to sea" and struggling to stay alive in the water.

"When I got to her, the elder girl was clearly exhausted and was going under the water for what was the very last time. We never know what we'll face when we're called out. Sometimes it's just a twisted ankle or a broken bone, but this was one rescue where we truly did arrive in the nick of time and managed to save two young lives," Winchman, Master Aircrew Harry Harrison told the BBC.

William has worked for the Royal Air Force since 2010.