Prince William Turns 30 as World Offers Birthday Wishes

Kate Middleton to Celebrate Duke of Cambridge's Birthday With Private Dinner
(PHOTO: BLAIR GABLE/REUTERS)Prince William and his wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge have been spotted with a furry, four-legged friend lately. The Royal Family has a long history of dog lovers.

The world is wishing England's Prince William a happy 30th birthday today through Twitter, photo montages, and interesting factoids, while his wife, Kate Middleton, has planned a small, casual dinner for occasion.

Fans across the globe have been taking to Twitter to wish the Duke of Cambridge a happy day.

"We would like to wish Prince William a very Happy 30th Birthday today from all our @hounourourforces," tweeted the Honour Our Forces organization, a group dedicated to spreading Forces Awareness for veterans.

"Happy birthday Prince William!" tweeted InStyle Magazine, a fashion publication.

"Happy birthday Prince William. Big thanks to all the partners of all our volunteers, who let their loved ones inspire our young people," tweeted the U.K. Scout Association.

Several websites have also released slideshows documenting the prince throughout the years (the Daily Mail and Time magazine), including pictures of him camping with his father, Prince Charles, and mourning his mother's death, the famed Princess Diana, at her funeral.

Other publications have also released lists of not-so-well-known facts about Prince William, who married Middleton last year.

For example, Prince William's full name is William Arthur Philip Louis Windsor, according to British publication The Telegraph.

Other facts include:

  • Prince William was accidentally hit with a gold club on the head as a child, leaving him with a "Harry Potter" style scar on his forehead.
  • Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton, only informed his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, and the Prince of Wales of their engagement two hours before the announcement went public.
  • The royal couple's favorite song is "I Like the Way You Move" by the Bodyrockers.
  • Reports indicate that Prince William will receive a $15.5 million inheritance from his late mother's estate.

While Kate Middleton is reportedly hosting a small, casual dinner for her husband on Thursday evening, Prince William has been keeping up with his duties as a Royal Air Force Search and Rescue pilot.