Princess Diana's Death: World Continues to Mourn on 14th Anniversary of Paris Crash

Mourners across the U.K. have gathered today to celebrate the life, and grieve the untimely death, of arguably one of the most famous royals of all time, Princess Diana.

London holds an annual pilgrimage to the gates of Kensington Palace, and many people will use the significance of the day to make a trip to the Diana Memorial Fountain at London’s Hyde Park.

Just 14-years ago, Diana, Princess of Wales died in a car accident in the Pont de l’Alma underpass in Paris.

Photographers were chasing the car that the 36-year-old princess, and her companion Dodi Fayed, where driving in prior to the 1997 crash.

Although most people initially blamed the paparazzi for the fatal car wreck, a British Inquest into the crash that lasted several years determined in 2008 that the primary causes of the crash were the speed at which the car was driven and the intoxication of the driver, Henri Paul. All three individuals died in the fatal accident.

Nevertheless, people continue to question the legitimacy of the story behind Diana’s death, and 14-years later, questions continue to surround the incident.

Dodi Fayed’s father, Mohammed Fayed, carried out a 10-year campaign accusing Prince Philip of masterminding the wreck that killed his son and the princess. He also suggested that Prince Charles had involvement in the killing.

However, others are more keen on accepting the official story of Diana's death.

Diana’s former butler said in a new special on Diana’s life entitled “Diana at 50” of the conspiracy theories surrounding her death, “I think people can’t let go because they don’t want to believe that she could have just had an accident.”

He added, “And to be honest, how could anyone manufacture such a tragic accident with such a horrific outcome? And why?”

Diana was a humanitarian that worked on projects around the world that supported numerous charities, AIDS awareness, and the banning of land mines.

Fourteen years after the world lost “the people’s Princess,” she remains one of the most beloved people in British history.

She was once quoted as saying, "I'd like to be the queen of people's hearts."

Diana's wish has come true, as a recent poll carried out by Skype revealed that Princess Diana is still Britain’s favorite royal.

Christopher Wilson of the Huffington Post said of Diana, “The princess remains for ever young in memory, her image a rallying-post for those who subscribe to Keats’ dictum on truth and beauty. You can question the poet but you cannot deny him; and so it is with Diana.”