Pro-Life Group to Protest Outside MTV Studios

NEW YORK – A pro-life organization has embarked on prayer walk in New York City that will culminate today with a protest at MTV studios in Times Square.

Stand True Ministries, based in Troy, Ohio, is making the visit as part of their summer tour, praying at local abortion mills.

The group organizers decided to visit the television center, because the ideals that MTV producers have put into today's youth generation.

"For years MTV has believed that they own this generation and have fed them complete garbage," explained Bryan Kemper, president of Stand True Ministries, in a statement. "MTV tries to portray themselves as hip and cutting edge, but they are nothing more than smut peddlers, and their target audience is the youth of America."

Stand True first began 10 years ago under the name Rock for Life. It arose when the founder visited an abortion center so he could stuff magazines with pro-life material. The grief that he witnessed there changed his calling for the rest of his life.

"I walked over to the window at the reception area and someone opened a door behind the window," describes Kemper on the ministry's website. "I saw a young girl laying on the table with her head turned to me and tears flowing down her eyes. There was a man reaching down between her legs, and I suddenly realized how real this was. I was witnessing a child being killed in front of my eyes and a young girl being emotionally damaged."

The ministry works through a number of ways. The main objective is praying at abortion mills and at home to stop the act. People in the ministry also offer literature in a number of places about the procedure, engage in many outreach events to get the word out, and provide support for unwed mothers who choose life.

Starting Friday morning at 8:00 a.m., the group began their prayer walk throughout the New York area stopping at abortion mills. Beginning from 11:00 a.m., they will spend three hours in front of MTV studios protesting the network.

A main focus of the protest is to speak out against the way that the broadcast company objectifies women.

"It is honestly shocking to me that the feminist movement is not outraged by what is spewing out of the screen on MTV," said Jody Austin, a Stand True tour member, in a statement. "I don't think there is another network that glorifies the objectification of women more than MTV. They treat our young women as nothing more than a commodity as they basically prostitute students for their profit."

The ministry is encouraging other young people to join them in the prayer walk and protest. They feel that many people are seeing the problems that the network creates.

"MTV thinks they own this generation," added Kemper, "and they are wrong."

Members met at 34th and Broadway to start the day, and encourage anyone who could not make the morning session to meet them in front of the studios in Times Square.