Pro-Life Movie Starring Rebecca St. James Hits Stores

The first full-length movie starring Christian songstress Rebecca St. James hit stores across the nation Tuesday and has been lauded for the powerful message it delivers.

"Sarah's Choice," a straight-to-DVD flick that features St. James in her first leading role, centers on the life of Sarah Collins (St. James), a young, unmarried junior account executive at a major advertising agency who becomes pregnant while climbing the ladder of success.

Though her friends and co-workers insist that she has the right to choose a path that offers a successful career and seemingly unlimited material rewards, Collins comes to consider another choice following a series of nightly visions and the words of a mysterious stranger.

Though it should come as no surprise that the message contained in "Sarah's Choice" is a pro-life one, St. James says the movie is also "all about choice."

And making the "choice," St. James acknowledged, can be difficult – even for Christians.

"I think the biggest thing the film imparted to me-both in researching the role and in portraying the character-was a real sense of empathy for women who find themselves in the situation my character found herself in," St. James commented ahead of the film's release.

"My heart goes out to them as I have seen the extreme amount of pressure and fear that can come from outside sources at a vulnerable time such as this," she added.

Still, in filming for the movie, St. James said she pulled away with a "real passion" to make a positive impact with the message of God's heart for the unborn.

"Too often, young women choose abortion and subsequently suffer the immeasurable pain that often comes with living with regret and guilt," she noted.

St. James is hoping that the pro-life message in "Sarah's Choice" will help young women to choose "life" as the decision of choice in unplanned pregnancy. And she feels the movie holds the promise of doing so.

"Sarah's Choice" is being released by Pure Flix Entertainment and also stars comedian Brad Stine, Charlene Tilton (Problem Child 2), Dick Van Patten (That 70's Show, Arrested Development), and Staci Keanan (Step By Step, My Two Dads).

The DVD – which features bonus content, including "The Making Of," "Trailers," and "Commentary" – is now available at national retail from EMI CMG Distribution.