Pro Wrestler Steve 'Sting' Borden Talks New Film on the End Times: 'Revelation Road'

Pro wrestler and WCW legend Steve "Sting" Borden stars in a new Christian film about the end times titled "Revelation Road: The Beginning of the End."

The film touches on prophecies found in the book of Revelation and hints towards the end of this age during the events in the film. The main character Josh McManus, played by David A.R. White, travels throughout the U.S. as an arms salesman.

While traveling through a west Texas town, McManus gets held up by a vicious gang of bikers during a potential sale. Borden plays one of those bikers, and his character attempts to enact revenge on McManus for killing some of his gang members.

Borden discussed the main message of the film with The Christian Post.

"It's a message to bring to everyone's attention that we are living in a very tumultuous time, we're living in the end times," he said. "From wars, rumors of wars, natural disasters, people starving all over the world, violence, the [birth pangs found in scripture] are happening more and more."

Several believers challenge McManus' faith throughout the film, including a store owner he defended from the biker gang. Many of them attempt to point him to Jesus Christ during this time of uncertainly and tribulation.

"People are living in fear and not knowing what's going to happen [asking] why are we here and what happens after we die," added Borden. "Hopefully this movie is going to cause people to think about all of these things and turn to God. There is an answer. We do not have to live in fear. God didn't give us a spirit of fear."

Borden acknowledges the fact that the Christian film market is growing at a rapid pace. Acting provides him with a chance to help spread the gospel using entertainment. Wrestling, on the other hand mostly incorporates God in negative and blasphemous ways in its storylines, and is much tougher to use for evangelism.

"If you don't have people in the creative part [of wrestling] who are believers who want to get the message out there, who are not going to play around with it and believe that God's word is infallible i.e. you cannot mock God," he said, "if you don't have a group of people supporting it and backing it including the TV station [spreading God's word through wrestling] is not going to happen."

Many of the actors involved in "Revelation Road" shared the same vision due to their faith, according to Borden.

"I would say the majority of them were believers, but I know that all of the actors were not believers," he said.

Although one of the movie's main stars, Brian Bosworth, was not walking with God during filming, the work eventually encouraged him to enter into a relationship with The Lord.

"Brian, whether he was a believer or not, he was not walking with God in that way," said Borden. "But about six weeks ago he gave his life to the Lord, and this movie played a big part in his coming to the Lord."

Borden's character will return for the sequel to "Revelation Road" as well. His involvement in the series stems from his relationship with the film's main star David A.R. White. Borden also currently wrestles for TNA (Total Non Stop Action) wrestling as the infamous Sting.

"Revelation Road: The Beginning of the End" is currently available at and can be purchased at other retailers including Target and Wal-Mart.