'Project Re Fantasy' News, Release Date: Director Provides Update on Game

(Photo: Atlus)A screenshot from "Persona 5," a game directed by "Project Re Fantasy" team director Katsura Hashino.

Studio Zero has provided an update on the "Project Re Fantasy," the highly anticipated fantasy role-playing game (RPG) from the studio, along with a second concept video.

A year after the announcement of the game, team director Katsura Hashino revealed that they are still "very much in the middle of development," which is why there are not much specifics to discuss.

But I'm not sure we can get away with leaving the message as, "Atlus is developing a fantasy RPG. That's it," and hope you keep listening for more info next year.

Hashino also discussed the second "Project Re Fantasy" concept video the released, which he described as a "concept movie that offers a slice of a world under construction."

The video does not represent what ends up in the game although it shows what Studio Zero has envisioned for their fantasy RPG. In this spirit, Hashino explained why they make concept videos instead of a full-on trailer.

We created it in hopes that you'll enjoy imagining what kind of world it will be. Normally when we make a trailer, the idea is to have you watch it once and convey everything we want to convey, but this time, we're more focused on putting in hints about the essence of the setting and what the "fantasy" is than making it easy to understand in one viewing. The game we're creating is still a high fantasy title set in a world completely unlike the real one, so I hope you'll get the sense that something's a little different.

Along with the announcement of the new Atlus-developed game "Catherine: Full Body," Weekly Famitsu revealed that the idea and direction of "Project Re Fantasy" has been "solidified" and that the team is confident "something interesting can certainly be made."

Studio Zero does not have enough programmers and designers yet to work on the game though although the group they have is already chock full of talents.

It is also revealed that "Project Re Fantasy" and "Catherine: Full Body" are connected by their developers despite their different genres.

Atlus and Studio Zero are creating the titles together "in the sense of fusing the creativity assembled by the resonance" of both studios, which is expected to impact the "Project Re Fantasy" positively.