Project Scorpio News: Gamers Still Waiting to Hear How Much Microsoft's New Console May Cost

Recently spotted Project Scorpio retailer listing only featured a placeholder price
YouTube courtesy of XboxThe Project Scorpio console is currently expected to be made available during the 2017 holiday season

Microsoft's Project Scorpio console is expected to be a real powerhouse, one many people hope can provide sublime gaming experiences, which is why they are so eager to learn more about it.

The price of the new console is one particular detail that players really want to hear about, and recently, it seemed as though there was a breakthrough on that front.

Twitter user "@DesiXBL" recently posted a screenshot showing a listing for the console that was up on

What caught the eyes of many gamers is that the listing came with a price point, indicating that the console may go on sale for €399.99, which turns out to just a little under $430.

Since then, the listing seems to have been removed from the site or could have been hidden. But before it was taken off, it was updated and the console's price was set as "to be confirmed."

The website even noted over on Twitter that the price point previously listed was just a placeholder.

Still, it speaks to just how much players want to know more about the Project Scorpio's price that the listing managed to draw so much attention.

For those looking for an informed opinion regarding how much Microsoft's upcoming offering may ultimately cost, Digital Foundry's Rich Leadbetter speculated previously that it may wind up receiving a price tag of $499, though that again is simply a guess based on knowledge of the console and not on any leaks.

The folks over at Microsoft are not likely to hold back how much the console may cost for that much longer though, and with the Electronic Entertainment Expo inching closer and closer, interested gamers may want to pay attention to what they have to say then.

No exact release date has been officially announced for the Project Scorpio console thus far, though it is currently expected to be made available during the holiday season.