'Property Brothers' Star Drew Scott Performs With Twin Brother Jonathan on 'Dancing With the Stars'

Facebook/PropertyBrothersDrew Scott of "Property Brothers" will join "Dancing with the Stars" season 25 while his twin Jonathan will cheer on.

Fans and viewers of ABC's "Dancing With The Stars" were in for a wonderful surprise when "Property Brothers" Drew Scott brought in his twin brother, Jonathan, for his performance.

"DWTS" fans were definitely seeing double during Monday night's show as Drew Scott brought in his identical twin brother and the other half of the "Property Brothers," Jonathan, to join him and his partner Emma Slater on their performance. Viewers were thrilled when Jonathan joined the duo during the latter part of the performance.

But Jonathan wasn't just there to perform with his brother. In fact, he came to give his support to Drew as the latter shares his most memorable year. The night's theme was "Most Memorable Year" and Drew chose 2007 explaining that it was the time he realized he could pursue both of his passions: real estate and TV.

While having a discussion with Emma Slater, Drew revealed that prior to the success of his hit reality TV show, "Property Brothers," it hadn't been easy for him. According to the 39-year-old, at the time, he and Jonathan had established a successful real estate company, but he felt as if is not fully living his life as his dream was to be on TV.

"My true goal was to be an actor, was to be on TV. I wanted nothing more. So I decided to go all in, no excuses, put all the real estate aside, and I moved to Vancouver," Drew said.

But even with his family's support along with working hard, his efforts were still fruitless and at the time he felt crushed. "When you have a dream in mind and you want it so bad and you fail, it crushes you," Drew says while visibly tearing up. "It just crushes you," he went on to say.

Jonathan had also added how heartbreaking it was for him to see his twin brother struggling. He said, "Seeing Drew, my identical twin brother, struggling. It was heartbreaking, I mean his spirit was just beaten and broken."

Thankfully, though, Drew heeded his father's advice and realized he could actually combine both of his passions, and soon after, "Property Brothers" was born.

"What I've learned is, there's not just one way to achieve a goal. There can be obstacles along the way and it's how you learn from that that will really make you a success," Drew finally says.