Proposed Movie Based on Casey Anthony Trial Receiving Huge Criticism (VIDEO)

A book by Casey Anthony trial prosecutor Jeff Ashton has been optioned for the small screen according to Fox Television Studios spokeswoman Leslie Oren. The story is reportedly being developed into a movie for the Lifetime channel.

 Proposed Movie Based on Casey Anthony Trial Receiving Criticism

The book, Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony, gives Ashton’s account of the behind the scene issues involved in the prosecution of the Anthony case.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Ashton claims that right before the start of the trial, Anthony told two mental health experts that her father, George Anthony, killed her child in the family pool.

According to Ashton, Anthony also claimed that she had been abused by her father and expressed concern that he would have done the same thing to her daughter.

Ashton details what the prosecution got wrong in the trial, and reveals why he is convinced of Anthony's guilt in the death of her daughter.

The announcement that the controversial trial will now be turned into a movie has soured many in the public who view the potential film as profiting off the trial. On Huff Post, many readers have expressed their distaste at the notion.

Ohiopositive said: "Please boycott. No one should make a dime off of this story, including the lawyer."

Havana also said: "If you have an inkling to know what it is about, please wait for it to be in your neighborhood library. Get it for free and that way you are not guilty of giving funds that will be benefiting Miss Anthony."

Portugee565: "This is not entertainment."

Neuticles added: "I'm surprised the prosecuter is cashing in on this. It sounds very unethical to me."

Drageeda confirmed: "I will be sure not to watch it."