PS Vita Version of 'Stardew Valley' Due Out in 2018, Cross-Buy Feature Will Be Provided

Multiplayer will not be included in the PS Vita version
Stardew Valley official websiteFishing is one of the activities players can enjoy inside 'Stardew Valley'

PS Vita owners who have been longing to experience the joys of virtual farming will soon be given an opportunity to obtain what they seek, as "Stardew Valley" is coming to the handheld console.

In a recent post on the game's official website, developers confirmed that a PS Vita version of the game is going to be made available next year, though an exact date of arrival was not provided.

Along with confirming the Vita release of the farming simulation game, developers also announced that cross-buy will be provided. Thanks to that feature, players who already own the PS4 version of the game will no longer have to purchase it again just to play it on the PS Vita.

Unfortunately, the currently in-development multiplayer update is not going to be released for the version of the game coming to the handheld platform.

Still, there are likely more than a few fans who are happy to hear that "Stardew Valley" is finally getting its long-anticipated PS Vita release. Developers hinted at the possibility of a Vita version being released way back in January, and now, that is set to come true next year.

Players can take on a number of tasks in the game, such as cultivating crops and developing the best farm. They can also raise animals, and if they have some free time, they can go fishing as well.

Home customization is possible too, and players will be able to choose from several options as they look to make their humble abodes even more beautiful and comfortable. Players may even find a special someone inside the game who they can start a family with.

There are also monsters and all kinds of treasure to be found in the game's caves for those farmers who are a bit more adventurous.

More news about "Stardew Valley" should be made available soon.