PS4 Blue Light of Death: Sony Releases Troubleshooting Guide for PlayStation 4 Technical Problems

Gamers who purchased the PS4 have experienced a new problem being called the Blue Light of Death, signaling a problem with the PlayStation 4 console that renders it useless or broken.

Similar to the Xbox 360's "Red Ring of Death," the console begins pulsing a blue light signaling something wrong with the system. According to Sony, the blue light affects .4 percent of users, or one out of 250.

Sony released a troubleshooting guide for people experiencing the problems with the blue light, which they say involves the connectivity or hardware problems.

"Here are some of the symptoms associated with blinking blue lights issue:

• blue indicator light blinking
• no video/audio output to television
• console powering off after blinking blue

This blinking light issue could indicate any number of causes including but not limited to:

1. TV compatibility
2. Issues with PS4 power supply
3. Issues with PS4 hard drive
4. Issues with other PS4 hardware"

The site lists a number of solutions like holding the power button for at least seven seconds, causing the console to beep twice. Sony also said to unplug all the power cables and reconnect them to the console.

For instructions or help options, visit the page here.

The PS4 gave a brief hint into the troublesome light in early October at a gaming conference in Europe when the system's light turned red.

A message on the display next to the PlayStation 4 said the console's internal temperature was too high.

According to, a Sony employee went to the box containing the console and unlocked it. Just a few seconds later the light returned to blue and worked as normal. This suggests that the enclosed box with no ventilation was causing the overheating.

So far there have only been reports of the blue light with no mention of anything turning red.

The PlayStation 4 was released on Nov. 15, and quickly sold over a million units.