PS4 Can be Played Through Xbox One's HDMI Cable with a Slight Lag on Games (VIDEO)

(PHOTO: Wikipedia Commons)Xbox One console with controller.

The Xbox One will be able to play the PS4 through its HDMI port, and now for the first time a video shows off the confirmation.

"Ever wondered what happens when you run PlayStation 4 through the Xbox One's HDMI input? Well now you know..." reads the description of the video titled "Running PS4 via Xbox One's HDMI input."

Watch the video below.

According to the video the two run together seamlessly as the switch back and forth between the two looks natural. The only complaint to be had is that the Sony console will lag a bit when running through the Xbox because both are being run through the same online connection, and the amount of power used between the two is great.

Microsoft made the confirmation earlier this month when two executives made the connection.

Jeff Henshaw, admitted the truth to Penny Arcade Report. He also spoke about the lag and said because of the high level of activity between having two consoles hooked up, there would be a small amount of unnoticeable lag time.

Since multiple console hook up is possible, a gamer could even have both playing games at the same time using the "Snap" feature, an app that allows for multiple programs to run on the screen at once. A user could then potentially have the PS4 playing on a split screen with the Xbox One.

"Any application can be snapped to a game … this could be the live TV feed, so if you wanted to be playing Ryse and Killzone at the same time, you could snap that," Albert Penello of Microsoft said last month. Killzone is for the PS4 only, a subtle hint.

The HDMI pass-through cable was originally intended to be a link between cable boxes, DVD players, and any number of HDMI input electronics, that includes other consoles.

The Xbox One is set for a Nov. 22 release in the U.S. and retails for $499.99. It is only a matter of days before gamers who purchased both consoles can try it out for themselves.