PS4 Controller Accessories Announced for DualShock 4 - New Charger and Stand

PS4 will not be offering any launch day bundles, but they do have two accessories for their controllers that are worth mentioning.

SCEE announced they would be rolling out DualShock 4 Charging station and a PS4 vertical stand.

The charging station will be able to hold two of the console's controllers and charge them simultaneously. It will retail for around $40.

The PS4 stand will be a special lock dial holder that keeps a gamer's controllers stationary while they are not playing a game, ensuring no accidental drops occur. It will retail for roughly $25.

The new controller is as a vast improvement over the PS3.

The DualShock 4 gamepad will include new innovations such as a touchpad, improved analog sticks, a light bar, and a speaker.

The touchpad will have pinch and zoom features as well as clickable mouse like functions, and swiping. This option adds a whole new depth to games allowing for a whole new set of commands at the users fingertips, according to Tech Radar.

The analog sticks will now have a concave center and be slightly spaced apart, allowing for maximum comfort and little movement for gamers' thumbs.

Start and select have been subbed out in favor of share and options, another sign of the future and what the new consoles are capable of doing.

Another big improvement, according to Tech Radar, is the trigger buttons. The PS3's triggers were slightly slippery and numbered with a downward slop design. The new controller will have the slope moving up and the numbers now labeled with L1, L2 and R1, R2.

Perhaps one of the coolest features is the PS4's light bar. The controller will light up to three different colors to distinguish between controllers and even interact with the system's Eye camera and change color due to certain situations occurring in the game.

Overall the DualShock 4 promises a more comfortable and loose gaming experience than the DualShock 3.