PS4 Release Date: 'God of War 4' in Development

PlayStation 4 is coming out as Sony’s next generation console and game developers are working on video games for it, according to StickSkills.

“God of War” is an extremely popular PlayStation exclusive, and it may see its fourth installment on the next-generation PlayStation.

A rumor went live Oct. 31 claiming “God of War 4” for PlayStation 4 is already in development.

The news emerged from a job posting that was found on CreativeHeads. It was for a senior staff concept artist position available for the God of War team.

“While you parse through the job listing, you’ll notice that ‘Playstation’ is listed as the platform,” said the report on StickSkills. “Sony didn’t list a specific platform, leaving it very likely that this could be the next-gen God of War coming to the yet to be announced Playstation 4.”

There is also a possibility that Sony is working on a new God of War title for its new handheld system, the PlayStation Vita.

The posting also included a statement that clearly indicates that the developer will not be working on a PlayStation 3 title.

“Some previous or next-generation video game platform experience is desirable (e.g. PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360 etc),” the posting said.

It does not list any handheld systems and rules out the possibility of a game for the current generation consoles by using the word “previous.”

The original “God of War” and part 2 were released for the PlayStation 2. “God of War 3” came out just a few years ago for the PlayStation 3 console.

It is one of the most critically acclaimed series for the system, and a Sony exclusive joining the likes of “Uncharted” and “Metal Gear Solid.”