PS4 Sales: Sony Only Makes $18 Per Sold PlayStation 4 as Assembly Costs $381 a Unit

Sony is reportedly close to recouping their profits for the PlayStation 4 hardware.

According to Forbes the old video game model was for companies to sell their consoles at a loss, and the money would be made up in licensing and first party game sales. The PS3 reportedly sold at almost a loss of $300 a console until they released the slim, which lowered the cost to $31.27.

When added all up, the cost of making the PS4 is $381, which nets them $18 on ever console according to IHS research firm. The biggest price points in the console now are the memory chips, with one selling for $100 and the others equaling up to $88.

"This chip is just gigantic," IHS analyst Andrew Rassweiler told Gamespot. "It's almost three times as big as the next biggest chip we've seen."

The close price in sell price and creation price make it hard to really make much money back off of the console. However, this time around Sony is not selling at a loss, so it is much easier to break even, and move on to make money with the games.

"It looks like once again, when it comes to profits, it's all about the game titles," Rassweiler said.

Sony overall sold more than 1 million PS4 units on its launch day in the U.S. and Canada alone.

"PS4 has sold through over 1 million units with the 24 hours of the launch in North America!!! :D," Sony President of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida announced on Twitter.

PlayStation 4 also shipped out more consoles on its launch day through Amazon than any video game system in history.

Amazon is a good way to judge how the PS4 is doing because of their rating system. However, according to GeekWire, around 40 percent of customers who bought the console gave it one star and were dissatisfied with their purchase.

"More than 99 percent of Amazon customers are having a great experience with their new console," an Amazon spokesperson told the electronic site. "We are working with Sony to assist the small percentage of customers who have reported issues and our customer service team stands ready to offer an exchange or where possible, help customers get their systems up and running."

According to Amazon policy, their customers are able to receive new consoles or refunds if their console was defective or broken. However, with almost 40 percent giving the console one star, and the spokesperson claiming 99 percent satisfaction, some of the numbers appear off.

After the first 24 hours Amazon made an announcement to let customers looking to purchase the Playstation 4 know they were wiped out.

"Due to extremely high demand, is currently sold out of the Playstation 4 inventory. However, there may be offers available from Marketplace Sellers. Please check back on the Amazon Video Games Facebook page for the next update on when will have more Playstation 4s," Amazon posted.