PS4 Specs: First Look at Playstation 4 User Interface (PICTURE)

Sony released new images of the PS4's user interface for the console's home screen, and now gamers are able to get a first look at what they will be seeing.

PlayStation Europe Community Manager Chris Owen, released the images over several Tweets and images include: the share screen, live screen, the "What's New?" screen, and a friend's profile.

See the images here.

Recently Sony announced the PlayStation Camera will respond to gestures and voice control much like Xbox One's Kinect, according to reports.

Unlike the Kinect, however, the PlayStation Camera will not be included with the PS4, but will be an add-on. It will come with four microphones and two cameras.

Beside the camera announcement, two other features Sony announced as add-ons were a DualShock 4 Charging station and a PS4 vertical stand.

Sony also recently announced a three-year partnership with Taco Bell that will see the restaurant providing unique codes in their $5 Buck Box combo meal that could land a customer one of 4,000 PS4's being given away along with a year long subscription to PlayStation Plus.

The PS4 is not concerned with the Xbox One's pre-order bundle specials because they feel their product is good enough that people will buy it on their own.

"Platform holders and publishers run pre-order campaigns, and if you need to increase momentum then they dial it up a little bit with some promotional stuff, it's a rational thing to do. But do we need to do that? No," SCEE President Jim Ryan said to MCV concerning Microsoft's European FIFA 2014 Xbox One bundle.

PlayStation 4 already has over a million pre-orders sold, and is currently marketing a GTA5/PS3 bundle, but nothing so far for the PS4.

"We have learnt a lot of lessons from last time around. There were a number of things we did on PS3 that we would not knowingly repeat. We sat and reflected and soul searched a lot. And we decided early on that we wanted to be single-minded in our pursuit of the gamer with PS4," said Ryan. "From the start, people have had a clear idea of what PS4 stands for and they can either take it or leave it, and it seems like lots of people want to take it. There's no ambiguity. There's no confusion. And it has helped us gain momentum ahead of launch."

The PlayStation 4 launches November 15.