PS4 to Feature an Accessory With Flexible Display?

Sony recently displayed its newly developed 9.9-inch flexible OLED display at SID 2012, an event that took place from June 3 to 8 in the U.S.

The new flexible panel features a pixel count, pixel pitch and resolution of 960x540, and 111ppi.

The screen utilizes a white OLED backlight that is filtered through Red, Green, Blue and White color filters.

It will also employ Corning Inc. Willow Glass for proper reinforcement.

Sony's list of products ranges from video game consoles to smartphones, and by developing a flexible screen, the company will be able to implement it into these gadgets that have become a staple in homes around the world.

Sony plans to launch its next-generation PlayStation console, tentatively called the PS4, in the near future and these flexible displays could play a role in its construction.

Even though a console needs to be connected to a TV, accessories are frequently created for systems such as the PS4 that enhance the player's experience.

A flexible display could add a whole new element to the video game industry. Players would be able to interact with popular titles and different types of games could be developed that accommodate this type of screen.

Exactly how this would play out is unclear, but there has to be some reason why many of these electronics companies are pushed towards creating these flexible displays.

Samsung has also developed similar technology with its YOUM display line that it recently launched. The technology is expected to appear on some of the company's upcoming devices.

One huge advantage of Samsung's YOUM line is that they are thinner and lighter than most displays and the market and are virtually unbreakable.

Different layers of material are included in the design and allow the screen to be fully flexible.