PS4 to Stream PS3 Games Over the Internet; Eliminates Need for Physical Copies

The PS4 will have the ability to stream games for the PS3 over the internet.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Sony will be adding support for playing games streamed over the Internet, which will mostly be used for PS3 titles. Sony recently acquired Gaikai, a cloud-based gaming service that specializes in streaming games over the Internet.

Recent reports also stated that Sony started adopting AMD processors with x86 architecture for the PS4 which would make it incompatible with PS3 game discs. This would make cloud gaming the only way for backwards compatibility on the PS4.

Information on the PS4's controller was also leaked last week. A recently posted picture of a prototype controller for the PlayStation 4 revealed some interesting things about the next-generation console. The new remote, which could be the Dualshock 4, features a small touchpad between the D-pad and the traditional buttons.

The prototype also features a design that is a bit more rounded and bulkier than its predecessors. Other features on the model include a built-in loudspeaker, integrated PlayStation Move functionality, and a blue light at the top of the controller. This light will probably be for PlayStation Move, which should be integrated into the company's next generation console, according to Digital Foundry.

Asahi also rehashed previous rumors that pointed to the PlayStation 4 allowing players to share things with friends while playing, and that it will come with a DualShock 3-shaped controller.

Nikkei also ran a story on the PlayStation 4, which stated that the system will ditch the Cell processor and will use processors made by another company. The PS4 will also utilize Gaikai cloud service.

Sony will most likely launch the next PlayStation model in two or three different memory capacities and the $400 price tag most likely applies to the lowest version.