PS4 vs. Xbox One Games: PlayStation 4 Beats Xbox One on Family-Friendly Launch Titles

The PlayStation 4 has edged out the Xbox One in another area. This time it was heralded as a more family-friendly console between the pair.

Andy Robertson of Forbes feels that based on the console's launch titles, the PS4 will offer more for the family-oriented gamer right away. Games like Knack, Flower, flOw, and Octodad will be available and ready to go for gamers of all ages.

See list of launch title games here.

The Xbox One's list of launch games are mostly shooters and sports games, and they are really lacking that great gamers of all ages game.

See the launch titles here.

Robertson said the Xbox One will have a family-friendly boost when Kinect Sports Rivals launches on the console somewhere in the weeks surrounding the game.

Reports indicate that the Xbox One is gaining ground on the PS4 for pre-order sales in the U.S. as Microsoft's console sold more over the last month.

The Sony has sold over 125,000 pre-orders since Aug. 24, giving it a total of 725,000 in total for the U.S., reported Forbes.

In that time frame, Microsoft has sold 175,000 pre-orders, but still lags behind by 525,000.

"Week one sales for both consoles in the US are expected to be pretty similar," VGChartz reported in a blog post. "At the current pace the PlayStation 4 should sell just over one million units, while the Xbox One should sell just under one million units."

They also report that Call of Duty: Ghosts is the top pre-ordered game for both consoles with 298,000 for the PS4 and 330,000 on the Xbox One.

Battlefield 4 is the second most pre-ordered game 153,000 for the Xbox One and 274,000 on the PS4.

According to Reuters, who conducted a poll that ran from Sept. 23-27, 1,297 people were polled, and 26 percent said they would purchase a PS4 once available, with 15 percent choosing Xbox One.

For people aged 40 and below, the number was larger, with PS4 beating out the Xbox One 41 percent to 27 percent.

PS4 launches on Nov. 15 while the Xbox One comes on Nov. 22.