PS4 vs Xbox One: Playstation 4 beats out Xbox One and Wii U in Online Poll

The PS4 beat out Xbox One and Wii U in an online poll for which console holiday shoppers plan on buying.

According to Reuters conducted poll that ran from September 23 through the 27th, 1,297 people were polled, and 26 percent said they would purchase a PS4 once available with 15 percent choosing Xbox One.

For people aged 40 and below the number was larger with PS4 beating out the Xbox One 41 to 27.

As far as gamers current habits, only three percent said they play the Wii U. 20 percent play the Xbox 360, 20 percent on the computer, and 18 percent on the Playstation 3.

64 percent said they would not be purchasing a new console this season.

Sony and Microsoft are pulling no punches when it comes to competing for console supremacy with the PS4 and Xbox One, and now the gaming companies are trying to win buyers stomachs.

Sony recently announced a three-year partnership with Taco Bell that will see the restaurant providing unique codes in their $5 Buck Box combo meal that could land a customer one of 4,000 PS4's being given away along with a year long subscription to PlayStation Plus.

Microsoft has teamed up with Mountain Dew and Doritos for the "Every 2 Minutes" challenge that has customers buying the products, collecting points, and then taking part in an online auction to win Xbox One.

The two consoles at a glance offer almost the same exact things. The differences that come into play are the in the marketing strategies of the companies. Xbox One has been shown off as a next generation do-it-all machine that watches football, has its own cable, and plays games.

The PS4, while doing the same things, has been focused on the games and quality of product.

Xbox One has back tracked on policies or contradicted itself many times in these final months before launch while the PS4 has stayed strong and swayed Xbox only people to their side.

"Sony clearly has the momentum from pricing and the perception that they are the more consumer friendly platform," said Baird Research analyst Colin Sebastian to

PS4 launches on November 15 while the Xbox One comes on November 22.