PS4 vs Xbox One: PlayStation 4 'Impresses' More Viewers on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' (VIDEOS)

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(PHOTO: Creative Commons)PS4 complete console.

Both the PS4 and Xbox One have made appearances on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" to promote and show off their new consoles to a large audience.

PlayStation 4 was on first, just a day before they launched last week, where Richard Marks from Sony joined Fallon and rapper Ice-T to try out the PS4, and the game, Playroom, which comes with the console.

Playroom is an interactive game where the gamer can play with what is on screen as if it were in the room with you. The game has these little robots that the gamer can play, pet, kick, pick up, and even suck up into the controller.

Fallon and Ice-T also tested out the interactive air hockey game where their movements control the puck in the game. The winner won a virtual champagne shower.

Watch the video below:

Last night Fallon had Blain Howard from Microsoft, and special guest actor Will Forte. Howard showed off the Xbox One's Kinect feature, which captures motion of the whole body through cameras.

Howard showed how the Kinect scans viewers' faces and bodies to place them into the game. Forte and Fallon played a wave runner racing game where their bodies are actually the controllers for the game. Holding no remotes, the two raced against each other on the open water.

Watch the video below:

Between the two consoles showing off their capabilities on the late night show, the PlayStation 4 definitely had the edge. The Playroom demo is unlike any other game out there at the moment and really shows off the new technology and precision of the console.

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(PHOTO: Wikipedia Commons)Xbox One console with controller.

The Xbox One, while impressive for the use without the controller, did not look as much fun, and was missing that "wow factor" off the bat. It also appears the games may get physically tiring as the gamer is physically moving as it is on the screen.

Comments on the video for PS4 were very positive and the thumbs up bar was high. Xbox One's video was almost split down the middle for thumbs up and thumbs down, and comments generally had to do with the "forced fun" Fallon and Forte were having.

The PS4 was released on November 15 for $399 and Xbox one will arrive tomorrow Nov. 22, for $499.

Which console presentation impressed you more? Sound off in the comments.