PS4 Will Only Support 4 Controllers Compared to Xbox One's 8

The PS4 revealed they will only support four controllers playing at once on the new console after Xbox One announced their system will support eight.

This is a slight role reversal from the past where the PS3 supported seven while the 360 only had four.

Twitter user @RCognition asked Sony Executive, Shuhei Yoshida about the controller situation, "@yosp How many controllers can be connected to the PS4 at one time? Thank you..."

To which he responded simply with, "four," and upon further questioning responded with, "yes," when someone asked, "Does that mean only two Moves and two Navicontrollers?"

Many of the ensuing tweets toward the answer were a little bitter about only four controllers being used.

"That's horrible! I regularly have parties with 6 people who bring their controllers to play FIFA/NBA! Please reconsider!" @taino211 tweeted while @TriumphantBass said, "How am I supposed to play Rock Band with only 4 controllers?"

Any complaints or concerns gamers have had about the Playstation 4 have not been well publicized as they are far and few in between. Will this be a major source of contention for the company leading the console race?

Microsoft made their eight controller announcement yesterday and also said they will have a 30 foot wireless range that will work with the Kinect on the placement of the remotes.

According to the Inquirer, the Xbox One comes with one controller, and Microsoft is trying to develop a way for old 360 controllers to be compatible for the new console.

The new controller will retail for $60, and will work with two AA batteries or a Charge and Play kit, which is sold separately.

"We know people want to use the Xbox One controller on their PC, and we do too-we expect to have the functionality available in 2014," a Microsoft representative told CVG.