Psy Concert Attracts 80,000 Fans; 'Gangnam Style' Star Causes Live Streams to Crash (VIDEO)

A Psy concert has attracted 80,000 fans following his huge global success over the past few months with single "Gangnam Style."

(Photo: Reuters/Kim Hong-Ji)Singer Psy (C) performs at the Seoul Plaza in front of Seoul city hall October 4, 2012. Local media reported that about 80,000 fans gathered to cheer Psy at a free concert staged to thank fans in Seoul. The quirky dance track "Gangnam Style" became a global sensation that has clocked up more than 300 million views on YouTube since its release in July.

The South Korean rapper returned to his homeland recently to put on a free concert at Seoul Plaza on Thursday night; an event that was expected to attract about 50,000, but which in the end brought together far more - a massive 80,000.

The huge concert even attracted more than 700 journalists from across the globe as the "Gangnam Style" phenomenon continues to sweep across the globe.

People were reserving their spots at the concert a full 12 hours before the concert was due to begin to ensure they got the best views.

When the concert finally began the giants screens that had been erected on the stage flashed the words: "This performance will be watched worldwide, so let's show the whole world that Koreans have good manners."

Seoul's authorities wanted to put on a warm welcome to their newest global superstar, and it has been reported that the City contributed about $360,000 to the event and even extended public transportation to and from the area until 2 a.m. to ensure everyone who wanted to go could come.

Psy has become a global superstar in the past few months as his hit single "Gangnam Style" has become number one in a series of countries. The popular rapper, who is not new by any means in his homeland, had said that he was dance to "Gangnam Style" topless if he hit number 1 on the prestigious Billboard Hot 100 chart. On Thursday it was announced that it remained at number 2 for the second week running, however, the rapper delighted fans by performing his famous horse dance topless anyway.

Psy told the crowd that he was "the only singer to be called a new artist abroad after being active for 12 years."

In addition to the 80,000 fans attending the event live, thousands more joined live streams online through Live Seoul, YouTube and YouStream. However, the servers of some crashed under the weight of traffic as more than expected numbers attempted to join the concert online.

Psy told the crowd: "I knew one day someone big would come out of Korea. I just never thought it would be me."

Psy added, "You know I'm bound for the U.S. in a few weeks and have to produce a second song by late November. I think I might just die before then. Seriously, how can I follow up after 'Gangnam Style?'"