Pusha T Opens Up About Kanye West Illuminati Rumors

Pusha T, a rapper signed to Kanye West's G.O.O.D music record label, recently opened up about rumors concerning his boss and collaborator's involvement in an alleged secret society called the Illuminati.

While the brother of Pusha T has been vocal about becoming a Christian and falling away from their rap duo "Clipse," the rapper has been working with West to build his own rap brand. During a recent appearance on Shade 45's radio show "Sway In The Morning," Pusha T was questioned about West's alleged involvement in the secret organization.

"I never asked him (Kanye) about the Illuminati. But just in conversation I hear him say 'man people saying I'm part of the illuminati people are crazy,'" the rapper revealed. "But um, you know it's bled over to everybody saying it."

His own mother has even inquired about Pusha T's involvement in a secret society, according to the G.O.O.D music rapper.

"My mother asked me the other day 'you know I hear you're part of something called the illuminessence.' And I'm like 'ma what are you talking about,'" Pusha T said. "And she's like 'you're part of something called the illuminessence, people in church told me you're part of something called the illuminessence.' Come to find out, she's talking about the Illuminati."

The rapper said he was upset that people in his mother's church were the ones influencing her thoughts on the matter.

"And I was so hot because I'm like, man y'all are in church telling my mama this type of stuff? ... I was going to go to her church in a bright red suit, hair pressed out like a Vampire in Brooklyn and sit with her in church all day," the rapper said with a laugh. "It really had me upset because people cross the lines and bother her. That bothered me and it bothered me that it happened at church."

When asked about West's involvement in any alleged devil worship involving West, the rapper said, "man ain't no devil stuff man."