Python in Shed: 10 Foot Python Found in Florida Eating Cat's Skull (VIDEO, PHOTO)

A python has been found in a shed in Florida, giving a scare to a local man, but at the same time solving the mystery over why a number of cats and rabbits in the area had gone missing recently.

(Photo: YouTube/MailOnline Screen Shot)A huge 10 ft python was found in a shed in Florida. When it was found it was chewing on a cat's skull.

The long 14 foot python was found by a man in Hialeah, Florida, and made him jump back in surprise. When he found the snake it was chewing on a cat's skull.

He immediately called authorities, who had since identified the snake as a Burmese python weighing close to 100 pounds. Officials believe that it is likely to have been a pet snake that either escaped from its owner, or that its owner abandoned it after it grew too large to look after.

Florida law states that it is illegal to own or sell pythons, and it is also illegal under federal law for anyone to import the snakes or to sell them across state borders.

The Miami-Dade Venom Unit responded to the incident, and they later reported that they found the snake had shed its skin while hiding in the structure, meaning it is likely the snake had been there for a relatively long time.

To remove the snake, officials had to remove a door from the shed, and it eventually took several people to help get the snake into a large bag, before it was carried away.

The news comes after another snake report from Canada had a much more tragic turn. In that incident a Boa Constrictor killed two young boys after escaping from a pet store in the Canadian province of New Brunswick.

The snake is believed to have escaped from its enclosure and traveled up ventilation ducts to the apartments located above the shop. It then killed two boys, aged five and seven years old, in Campbellton.

In a statement, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have said they believed the reptile had strangled the two boys, who were staying overnight at a friend's apartment above the pet shop.

The Boa Constrictor has since been found and recaptured by police, and is no longer a danger to anyone in the local area.

Here is a video showing raw footage of the capture of the massive 10ft python in Florida: