'Quake Champions' Roster: Healer and Warrior Galena Showcased

BethesdaPromotional photo featuring "Quake Champions'" playable character Galena.

Bethesda continues to roll out the roster for their upcoming first-person shooter game "Quake Champions." The latest character revealed was Galena.

In a 50-second trailer, Bethesda provided players a glimpse of Galena, a healer and warrior who promises to "harvest your soul" on the said teaser video.

Bethesda describes Galena as the champion who grew up in the Dreamlands and is "skilled in both giving and taking life." Added to that, Galena is said to have been intentionally molded to become a "powerful weapon" by the talon-priests known as the Celebrants of Volkerh who got Galena when the champion was still four years old.

"By watching and imitating her elders, Galena learned from a young age that blood is judgment and penance is sacrifice. Now she has grown strong, and no soul in the Arena is safe from her wrath," Bethesda added.

In an overview of Galena, Bethesda revealed that her key ability lies with the Unholy Totem, which practically heals her allies and poses grave danger to her enemies in the battle. Developers add, "the totem will vanish if an enemy triggers or destroys it. When it heals an ally it will become inactive, but reactivates when another totem is placed."

The Unholy Totem can also heal Galena. It can also be used to navigate pathways and control power-ups.

Galena does not have the fastest speed but is equipped with an ample armor and health. Right now, players who participate in the closed beta of "Quake Champions" can start trying out Galena on the battlefield.

"Quake Champions" was first announced during the Electronic Entertainment Expo last year and will mainly feature a hefty roster so players can expect Bethesda to announce more champions in the coming months.

Apart from Galena, Bethesda has also introduced other playable characters namely Nyx, the fathom agent who can become invisible and immune to certain attacks; Scalebearer, a warlord heavily experienced in invading several worlds; Anarki, the rebellious guy who chose to have "extreme cybernetic surgeries"; Slash, who can produce plasma trail with her roller skates; and Clutch, the mining robot who has an immense defensive power.