Quebec Government Bans Religion From Subsidized Daycare

The Quebec government is likely to extend its ban on religion in subsidized daycare centers and is also targeting centers that are run from private homes – leaving many outraged.

Patrick B. Carine of LifeSiteNews quoted the Ministry of Families and Seniors' Étienne Gauthier as saying, "We are in the process of preparing a directive, in the same spirit as the one we presented last year."

Last year's ban included the prohibition of "any activity that aims to teach a belief, dogma, or practice of a particular religion," within subsidized daycare.

Many religious groups are furious, with some baffled at the notion that prayer is a threat.

Although the ban has not been finalized, once developed it will mean that children attending any of the above mentioned types of daycare will be cared for in Godless environments, where discussions of faith and even certain Christmas carols will not be permitted.

Quebec-Vie's Georges Buscemi suggested that Quebec's liberal government is simply trying to eradicate religion altogether as Carine quotes him as arguing that, "First they remove religion from the schools, next from public daycares, next from subsidized home care."

Buscemi also asked, "Can any reasonable person not see that this is just a continuation of a steady and growing persecution against people of faith in Quebec?”

Quebec, the only French Speaking North American region is known to have a predominantly Catholic/Christian religious population. As a result, many are said to be feeling helpless against what Buscemi has labeled a "socialist government."

Although unsubsidized daycare is not subject to the religious ban, critics argue that the ban is unethical because subsidized daycare is generally more affordable and this could force many to use faithless daycare despite their preference not to.

Premier Jean Charest was unavailable for comment.