Queen Elizabeth II Hospitalized for Two Days With Stomach Bug

Queen Elizabeth II was hospitalized on Sunday according to reports and is expected to stay for two days before her release.

Queen Elizabeth II will stay at London's King Edward VII Hospital for two days, according to a spokesman who spoke with CNN news. She was hospitalized "after experiencing symptoms of gastroenteritis" the palace spokesman told the news agency.

"She has been taken to hospital as a precautionary measure," the spokesman said.

The room where the Queen is staying is located in the same hospital where Kate Middleton was taken in December after suffering from morning sickness. A nurse from the hospital later committed suicide after revealing private information about the Duchess during an Australian radio prank.

Gastroenteritis is an infection that affects both the stomach and small intestine. Symptoms can include diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain and cramping. The virus can be contracted through the consumption of certain foods although it has been associated with Crohn's disease.

Yesterday the Queen canceled her visit to Wales after stating that she had come down with a stomach bug.

"The Queen will no longer visit Swansea tomorrow as she is experiencing symptoms of gastroenteritis," the palace said in a statement. "She will be assessed in the coming days."

The Queen was spending her weekend at Windsor Castle outside London when she came down with the bug. She had previously been reported to be in good health. She and Prince Philip have plans to visit Rome next week.