Racer 230 MPH Crash: Racer Slides 100 Feet, Survives With Broken Ankle (VIDEO)

Traveling at speeds of over 200 miles per hour, a drag racer was lucky to survive a crash earlier this week after he went flying from his bike.

Chris Matheson, a former Australian National Drag Racing Association (ANDRA) Top Bike champion, was in the early part of his race when he appeared to suddenly jump off of his bike and roll to the floor. The bike, travelling at about 230 mph according to iMotorTimes, continued to speed forward in a straight path as Matheson rolled over multiple times on the floor.

Matheson continued to skid down the race path, his body aggressively tumbling forward for about 100 feet, before he was able to come to a stop. A spectator caught the accident on video. Witnesses believe that a strong gust of wind may be the reason why Matheson flew from his bike.

Medics quickly rushed over to the scene, the motor report claimed, but after checking Matheson's vitals, it appeared that the man suffered no major injuries. Aside from a broken ankle and a few bruises, medics suggested the racer would be fine.

Users on Facebook argued over the suggested cause of the crash. While many agreed that high wind speeds could have caused the incident, other pointed out that Matheson appeared to begin the race with an accidental jolt from which he never recovered.

"It appears that he never fully recovered from the near crash at the start of the race. His right leg seems like it never returns to a fully tucked position. I'm not sure if his right foot was fully resting on the peg. Just before his left hand comes off the handle bars, you can clearly tell that his right foot came out and bounced off the track," Sky Marshal wrote after watching the video on The Post Game.

"It's possible at the speed he was traveling that his right foot contacting the track, caused him to simply peel off the bike, toward the right side," the user added.