Radiohead a No Show at 'Occupy Wall Street' Protest

Critics question of the band's performance was a media hoax

Radiohead’s surprise appearance Friday at the “Occupy Wall Street” protest has proved to be just a rumor.

The rumors began circulating early this afternoon, when the official “Occupy Wall Street” protest website, Gawker, and Gothamist all reported the anticipated arrival of the group.

However, thirty minutes after Radiohead’s expected arrival, the band had yet to show.

The population of Zuccotti Square, in Manhattan’s Financial District, increased substantially Friday afternoon.

An estimate 4,000 people gathered in the square by 4 pm – a huge increase from the 100 protestors that were there this morning.

As a result more NYPD were present.

Police officers set up extra barricades and urged participants to continue moving down the sidewalk as the square became more and more congested.

There was an obvious divide between the seasoned protestors of “Occupy Wall Street” and those attending primarily to see Radiohead.

“I admittedly came here because I’m a Radiohead fan,” Trystan Trazon told The Christian Post as he stood on a flower planter to sneak a better view of the rumored band.

“My mom works for Goldman Sachs, so I can’t necessarily position myself as an adamant protestor,” he stated.

Media hype of the band attracted its fair share of characters to the protest, including a colorful mixture of young hipsters, curious bystanders, and nude sign holders.

One man stood on a platform while he dangled a fishing pole holding a donut in front of officers.

Critics wonder if this was just a publicity stunt put on by “Occupy Wall Street” spokespeople to garner more attention to their cause.

“If Radiohead doesn’t show that’s their prerogative. It doesn’t matter if they show up or not. There are thousands of people here,” said Olivia Quillio of Albany, New York.

News of the performance spread when the “Occupy Wall Street” official website announced that the band would be making an appearance.

Spokesperson for “Occupy Wall Street” Hero Vincent insisted that Radiohead would show.

“They will 100 percent be here," Vincent told Gothamist website.

"[It is] not confirmed that there will be a show, only confirmed that they will make a performance," he added.

The band announced their retort on their website:

 “Radiohead is not playing Wall Street today nor were we ever confirmed to do so,” the website read.

Radiohead has had a quirky past, and making a surprise appearance for a political cause would not be unexpected.

Lead singer Thom Yorke is known as one of the most politically active musicians of this century, with Q Magazine rating him the 6th most powerful figure in music.

He has also offered huge support to political rights groups including: Jubilee 2000, Amnesty International, and Friends of the Earth.

In 2005 he performed at a vigil for the Trade Justice Movement. Yorke also played a Free Tibet concert in the late 90’s.

The "Occupy Wall Street" protest continued into its 14th day today.

The objective of the protest is to convince President Barack Obama to change the economic crisis in the United States, primarily by shrinking the gap between the rich and the poor.