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'Rainbow Six Siege' Latest News: Ubisoft Hosts Free Play Weekend for Title Starting Feb. 15

'Rainbow Six Siege' Latest News: Ubisoft Hosts Free Play Weekend for Title Starting Feb. 15

"Rainbow Six Siege" has been holding Free Play weekends for several times now since its release, so the upcoming one starting Thursday, Feb. 15, is another chance for new players to try out all the new content Ubisoft has introduced since the game launched in 2015.

The Free Play weekend will last until Tuesday, Feb. 20, for the PlayStation 4 version. PC players will have free access only until Feb. 18, while Xbox One players will have until Feb. 19, according to Eurogamer.

The 'Rainbow Six Siege' Free Play Weekend begins on PS4, Xbox One, and PC (via Uplay or Steam) on Feb. 15. | Ubisoft

That's as many as five days of free "Rainbow Six Siege," a bit longer than what a weekend usually lasts for, but that's alright with first-person shooter fans. It's a rare chance Ubisoft is offering for players to try out all the new content, especially now that the editions that come with the DLCs have been made more expensive.

Players can try out "Rainbow Six Siege" on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well as on the PC, with either the Uplay or Steam version of the game working just as well. Like in the earlier Free Play weekends, player progress will be carried over should a user decide to buy the game when the free trial expires, as Ubisoft explained in their news announcement.

The Free Play weekend will feature all the content, old and new, that has been included in the Standard Edition of the game, according to Windows Central. These include all the maps, gameplay modes, and whoever operators a player manages to unlock within the limited time of the promo.

As a testbed for some of the new content coming for "Rainbow Six Siege," Ubisoft is also putting the "Operation Chimera" update up on the technical test server starting Feb. 19, meanwhile, just a day before the Free Play weekend event ends.

In the video below, Ubisoft announces the Free Play weekend for "Rainbow Six Siege," starting Thursday, Feb. 15.


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