Rajon Rondo on the Miami Heat? 'I Will Never Play' for Them, He Says (VIDEO)

Rajon Rondo and the Miami Heat are two forces that would apparently never come together, according to the latest reports. The prolific Boston Celtics point guard has always especially disliked the rival basketball team that defeated them in the playoffs, and pulled no punches when speculation arose about him joining the Heat.

Talk of Rajon Rondo joining the Miami Heat came up at his basketball camp in Kentucky. After the Celtics lost superstars Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, Jason Terry and talented coach Doc Rivers in the offseason, there was speculation that Rondo could head to the Heat like his former teammate Ray Allen. However, the 27-year-old point guard made it clear that the rumors were no more than gossip.

"I will never play for the Miami Heat," he said when asked if he would ever take his talents to South Beach. Fans of the player who were there cheered in response.

The comment was a clear jab at former teammate Ray Allen, who was a Boston Celtics staple but lost to the Miami Heat in the playoffs in 2011. The following season he was traded to the Miami Heat, ending the era of the "Big Three" for the Celtics. Rondo notoriously calls Allen "that guy" in interviews as a result.

Although Rondo is currently recovering from a torn ACL— an injury that happened during a game against the Miami Heat in January— Celtics General Manager Danny Ainge has said that he plans on building the new team around Rondo and other youthful players. Rondo has demonstrated the ability to lead the team, scoring 44 points against the Heat in the playoffs previously.

Perhaps Rondo's competitiveness could energize the new team and fans, many of whom are disappointed with the departure of the iconic Pierce and Garnett.

"It's good to see that despite all that has happened, Rondo has not lost any of his edge. In fact, this may be something that helps this new Boston team grow," Mark Evans wrote for Yahoo! Sports.