Rally Car Accident Kills 3 Spectators in Serbia as Car Flies Into Crowd

A rally car accident has killed 3 spectators in Serbia on Sunday. According to reports the incident happened at a local rally when a car taking part flew off into the crowd.

The horrific accident has seen three spectators killed and one other badly injured. The incident has stunned all those connected to the event, and despite the deaths some have said that it is lucky no others were killed in the shocking accident as the car ploughed straight into the crowd.

The event was a local rally called the Hill Climb Tara 2012 race, and took place on Mt. Tara, about 100 kilometers (60 miles) southwest of Belgrade.

The accident happened when one of the drivers participating in the event lost control of his car. The Bosnian driver was unable to regain control and his car flew off the track and into spectators.

One man reportedly died shortly after the accident, where as another man and a woman were treated but died later. Another 17 year old boy was badly injured during the accident but he is said to be out of danger now, according to The Associated Press.

An investigation has begun into the incident, and according to reports the driver from Bosnia and Herzegovina lost control of his vehicle at about 300 meters from the finish line.