Ralph Lauren's First Plus Size Model Unveiled as Robyn Lawley

Ralph Lauren has hired its first plus size model in a move that has been praised by fashionistas. Australian model Robyn Lawley, who has said she has achieved success by staying true to herself, has been signed up by Lauren.

Lawley, 23, appeared on "Good Morning America" earlier this week to speak about her new position in Ralph Lauren. When the six foot two inch tall model was asked about her weight, she told "Good Morning America": "I'm a size 12. And I don't think weight really has much to do with anything."

The Australian explained that she started modeling at the age of just 16, but suffered under the pressure being applied to her to lose weight by those in the industry.

She explained, "It was such a battle for me, I'm big-boned, I'm tall and and I'm broad. I was lucky to start plus-size modeling."

Lawley did admit that she went to extreme lengths to try and lose weight at the time, and that it seemed to be the norm. for the job to have that kind of pressure. "No one was really worried about me at the time. They just thought it was the way for me to become a model."

Eventually she turned her back on modeling for a stint, but when she saw other plus-size models succeeding she again ventured back into the industry. "[I] saw plus-size models doing well. I decided I want that, I want to be in magazines."

However, Lawley has been an advocate for the "plus-size" label to be dropped from use in the industry. Last month she said, "I believe it's a tag we should do without. It segregates us from the mainstream fashion world, which means we only go to castings and jobs when our size is requested."