Ramen Rage on Flight Gets Man Arrested (VIDEO)

A Korean man flying from South Korea to Los Angeles has been accused of throwing a raging fit over his ramen noodles while in flight. As a result, the man was barred from entering the U.S., the report suggests.

A report has charged that a Korean man was refused entrance into the United States after assaulting a crewmember on a Korean Air flight. The man was travelling on an afternoon flight from Seoul, Korea to Los Angeles, California.

The man is "an official at Korea's largest iron manufacturer, Posco" according to Rocket News 24, a site dedicated to reporting on new from Japan and Asia.

The incident began after the man complained about his inflight meal. A crewmember then replaced the meal with ramen, but the passenger complained a second time stating the ramen was "too salty and the noodles are half-cooked!" The man then struck the crewmember across the face with a magazine.

Described as being "rude" for most of the flight, officials were alerted about the man before the plane landed. When the man attempted to exit the flight he was blocked and offered the choice to face possible charges or return back to Korea, the report claimed. He chose a return flight.

While ramen may be the go-to meal for college students across America, it appears the some people take a more culinary approach to the microwavable noodle. A Korean ad that ran earlier this year suggested that there was a "proper" way to eat Ramen like a "man."

The ad was picked up by Esquire magazine.

"There's a right and a wrong way to eat everything," the Esquire article began. "However - for the 90-second span of this Korean ad- let's throw etiquette out the window and just enjoy how it proves us that the consumption of ramen noodles can be a profoundly testosterone-fueled practice."

The ad is featured below: