Randy Wayne on New Movie and Forgiveness: 'Take the Focus Off of You'

Randy Wayne has had a successful career and is now starring in the soon-to-be-released film "Hardflip." He was able to spare some time for The Christian Post and speak about his decision to be in the new film and its message of forgiveness.

"I was actually auditioning for a movie, and they were casting for 'Hardflip' next door," Wayne told CP. "They recognized me from 'How to Save a Life' and wanted me to audition. I had it first, as I am okay with doing faith-based projects but am very particular. I loved the script, loved the director and told him, 'You can make a lot happen.'"

Indeed, "Hardflip" has received rave reviews, including winning the People's Choice Best Feature Film award from the San Diego Christian Film Festival. The movie focuses on Wayne's character, Caleb, as he is forced to grow up quickly and find his way in the world.

One of the reasons he chose to do "Hardflip" is because "it is not focused on Christianity exclusively."

"I want to do films that have a broader appeal," Wayne explained. He wanted to be able to reach a larger audience and "help change people's lives," which is something he realized he could do after "To Save a Life." That movie, Wayne said, received "an unbelievable response. It blew me away and I felt extremely humbled by it. I realized I could do what I wanted to do [act] and help change people's lives."

In addition to feature films, Wayne stars on ABC Family's "The Lying Game," which is said is "fantastic. I've been lucky because Hollywood can be harsh and try to pigeonhole you. I've done TV, films, and comedy, done it all … I think I'm spread out evenly among the film community. I've been lucky and keep working with great actors."

At the heart of "Hardflip" is the issue of forgiveness. Wayne said that it's important to recognize that someone else may be going through something.

"We all go through our own journey, but we rarely know how the other person feels. Ask them and really want to know the answer. They go through the same struggle … you just might not understand," he said.

"Take the focus off of you for a second and put it on them," he said.

"Hardflip" opens in theaters on June 1.