Rangeview High School Employee Shot Student in Leg by Accident

Aurora police are currently investigating what has been described as the accidental shooting of a high school student by a safety officer in the parking lot of Rangeview High School in Colorado.

Shortly after school was dismissed Monday, the unidentified student was receiving a ride from a school employee who also works a second job as an armed security officer, said police spokesman Frank Fania. The security officer did not work for any Aurora public school, according to initial reports from the Aurora Police Department.

As the unidentified school employee was securing his firearm in the vehicle's glove box, the weapon discharged, striking the student in the leg.

After the incident the school employee drove the student to a local hospital and arrived around 4:30 p.m., police said. The student was admitted and immediately went into surgery with what police described as a "significant injury" to his leg. The injury, while serious, is not considered to be life threatening.

Police said the driver works at the school but is not a teacher and that he and the student know each other, police said. Police have not revealed if any charges, or what those charges might be, have been filed, given that the investigation is ongoing.

In the months since the Newtown school shooting, there has been discussion regarding whether or not armed security guards should be stationed at schools around the country. Gun advocates claim that armed guards would prevent school shootings, while those supporting tougher gun laws say the suggestion is too dangerous.