Rapper 50 Cent Hit by Mack Truck and Hospitalized Months After Predicting His Death

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, entertainer and entrepreneur, has been hospitalized for the second time in less than two months after his bullet-proof SUV was hit by a Mack truck early Tuesday morning in New York.

Jackson, 36-year-old rapper who entered the music industry with a story about survival after being shot nine times, was hospitalized at 3 a.m. on Tuesday after the Mack truck driver lost control of his vehicle on the Long Island Expressway. Fifty Cent's website was the first to post the news, detailing that the rapper's vehicle almost flipped over due to the impact of the accident.

The status of the Mack truck driver was not immediately known, but the rapper and his driver were taken to a hospital in Queens, N.Y., where they were tested for injuries. Images of the rapper being wheeled on a stretcher appeared on his website, www.thisis50.com Tuesday morning.

However, a source told XXL magazine that the rapper and his driver were fine. Jackson's most recent trip to the hospital marked the second time that he was admitted in a little over one month.

Last month, Jackson tweeted images of himself in a hospital bed due to reported food poisoning. He told XXL about his mentor, rapper Eminem, cheering him up during his brief hospital stint.

"Em called and said, 'Man you been shot nine times, don't... die over a burger,'" 50 told XXLMag.com last month. "..I wasn't feeling good. So I just started to laugh, and he cheered me up when I was feeling uncomfortable."

Since the beginning of 2012, the rapper has admitted that he was uncomfortable with his life which he felt would end soon. The rapper took to his Twitter account in January to say that his feelings of death inspired him to start his "Street King" movement.

"I'll be honest, I don't think I'm gonna live much longer," 50 tweeted. "That's why I started my 'Street King' movement."

Soon after he sent the tweets, the actor began working with the World Food Programme to donate proceeds from his Street King energy drink to those in need. For every drink sold, Jackson also made a public pledge to donate a meal to a hungry child.

For months, Jackson has also been trying to help children by promoting his Street King energy drink on Facebook and Twitter.

"Every time you buy a bottle of #SK energy drink the proceeds go to feeding one billion kids lets make a difference," Jackson tweeted in January. "If you're on Facebook go and like my Street King page. You don't have to donate just support me."