Rapper Crashes Lamborghini: Tyga Leaves Car in Ditch (PHOTO)

Rapper Tyga gave thanks to God after crashing his white Lamborghini into a snowy ditch over the weekend.

The "Faded" singer announced the crash Sunday on Instagram, after he posted pictures of his $376,000 Lamborghini Aventador sitting in a ditch.

"Just crashed my Lambo. Thank God for the seatbelt," the "Thank You God Always" rapper wrote alongside the photo.

Tyga appeared to walk away from the accident unscathed minus just a few scratches, according to reports. Few other details were released about the rapper's crash. The rapper had recently just lost all of his "street cred" after an interview of him on an old game show was unearthed by TMZ.

The 2008 show was called "Bustas" and allowed "wannabe-rappers to compete against each other to see who can embody ugly rap stereotypes the best," according to TMZ. Tyga appeared on one of the episodes and immediately admitted to growing up in the "Valley" where his parents drove a Range Rover.

The show never made it to air, but was released by TMZ at the beginning of December. Tyga later claimed that he grew up in Compton adding that he was "still street."

During the 4-minute skit, Tyga also admits that his name is not actually an acronym for "Thank You God Always." Instead he says he picked up the nickname when he was a little boy and his mother told him the he looked like pro golfer Tiger Woods.

Part of the contest requires Tyga to dance in the front of a green screen. While he attempts to ask girls to come on stage, most of the audience seemed to only think that he is a joke, albeit a hilarious one.

In February, it was reported that Tyga bought another gold Lamborghini. He also rented out a million-dollar Miami mansion but was later sued by the owner, who charged the rapper with failing to pay his rent.