Rapper Faked Own Death? Tim Dog Arrest Warrant Issued Despite Reported Death (VIDEO)

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(Photo: YouTube/WFB Screen Shot)Rapper Tim Dog has been accused of faking his own death by authorities in Mississippi.

Rapper Tim Dog has been accused of faking his own death by authorities in Mississippi.

The rap star reportedly died in February from complications connected to a diabetes condition. However, a warrant has now been issued by authorities for his arrest on suspicion of faking his own death.

Steven Jubera, a prosecutor in Hernando, Mississippi has said, "I need proof. I need a death certificate showing that he's dead, because as far as I'm concerned, he's alive," according to Memphis TV station WREG.

Fans had mourned Tim Dog's death earlier this year, however, just last week a woman named Esther Pilgrim claimed that the rapper, real name Timothy Blair, had faked his own death in order to avoid having to pay tens of thousands of dollars in court ordered debts.

Reports have stated that the rapper owed Pilgrim $19,000 at the time of his death, which he was ordered to pay over following his conviction for grand larceny.

Pilgrim had been defrauded by Tim Dog in an online dating scam, in addition to numerous other women, according to reports. The issue caused the rapper to be charged with grand larceny, however, despite owing women tens of thousands of dollars he was suddenly reported to have passed away in February after having a severe seizure.

However, it now appears as though the reports of his death were all sourced from a single report by The Source. The original story has since been removed from the website, and various reports are now claiming there is little to no solid information about where he died or the circumstances around his death.

Pilgrim has said that she has been unable to locate his death certificate, and a private investigator working for WREG tracked down an address related to the star that was listed as "active."

Prosecutor Steven Jubera has confirmed that if substantial evidence can be found for the rapper's death then he will happily drop the arrest warrant.

Here is a video news report into the incident: