Rapper 'The Game' Gives $10K Away to NY, NJ Voters

Jayceon "The Game" Taylor isn't only preparing to release his "Jesus Piece" album, but the controversial rapper who insists that he is a Christian also made sure to help people in New York and New Jersey vote after they were hit by Hurricane Sandy.

The 32-year-old rapper spoke to TMZ on Election Day where he revealed that he gave thousands of dollars away, encouraging people to vote no matter their choice.

"Happy Election Day, I bought them lunch," The Game told TMZ cameras with his arms around two fans. "I just gave them $20 to ride the train to and from so they can vote. We gave 500 people $20, so that's like 10 grand."

The rapper also told TMZ about helping people in New Jersey to vote after many parts of the state was ravaged by Hurricane Sandy last week.

"A couple (of) people in Jersey we gave rides through the Lincoln tunnel and it was like a three-hour wait. Some people didn't have gas so we gave them $20 for gas," he said. "We're just trying to do our thing."

Although he is a native of California, The Game told TMZ that he was able to vote with an absentee ballot. Even though he was not in New York or New Jersey at the time of Hurricane Sandy, the rapper was on the East Coast and spoke about overcoming a near-death experience when he flew into Atlanta during the storm.

"We flew into Atlanta and I almost died. The rain came in crazy and the wheels hit the ground and then he took back off, couldn't pull it off," The Game told Philadelphia's Wired 96.5 radio show. "First time that ever happened to me. We landed and then went back in the air, and he got back on the mic stuttering like 'that was close but w-w-w'ere going to try it again.'"

After landing in New York recently, the rapper made sure to express the importance of helping other people vote in a state that was impacted by Sandy.

"We're just trying to get New Yorkers to vote," the rapper told TMZ.