Thursday, March 29, 2012
Raspberry Ketones Approved, Says Dr. Oz and FDA, but Should You Take Them?

Raspberry Ketones Approved, Says Dr. Oz and FDA, but Should You Take Them?

Much has been made of the new weight-loss product Raspberry Ketone, which has received an endorsement from America's Dr. Oz, but many are wondering exactly what it is and whether it's safe.

Raspberry Ketone is a compound made from raspberries that is quite safe, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).It has been tested in mice and showed the ability to prevent weight gain, though it has not produced this effect in humans yet.

Dr. Oz has stated that the compound will "get you over the hump" on his show, but it is important to continue exercising and eating healthily when on a weight-loss regime. Raspberry Ketone is only meant as an additional boost, not a food substitute.

It is already in high demand thanks to Oz's endorsement, and nutritional stores are working hard to keep it in stock for customers.

"It is amazing the demand that a show like Dr. Oz can generate," Chris Nicholl of Raspberry Tones told PR Leap website. "Luckily, Raspberry Ketone is one of our primary products and we had plenty of stock for both retail and wholesale customers, but it was a lot of work internally keeping up with all of the requests."

Raspberry Ketones were initially endorsed on Oz's Feb. 6 show, but it has been rebroadcast, causing demand for the product to skyrocket. Oz featured it as part of his "5 Fat Burners" episode.

Nutritionists have recommended that people wanting to add Raspberry Ketone as part of their daily diet should consume 100-200 milligrams of it every day. Raspberry Ketones are not recommended for women who are pregnant, according to Consumer Health.

Though the FDA has approved its use, consumers are cautioned as there is not much information about the potential harm, nor have there been any human trials conducted for examination.


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