Ray Lewis III Following in Father's Football Footsteps?

Ray Lewis recently ended his NFL career as a Super Bowl champion. Now he is taking pride watching his son sign on with the University of Miami college football team where things began for the Baltimore Ravens linebacker.

Lewis' son, Ray Lewis III, recently announced that he would attend the same University as both his father and mother. For the 37-year-old 2-time Super Bowl champion who recently announced his NFL retirement, his son's recent decision is proud moment.

''It's almost overwhelming to try to understand what I'm feeling as a father,'' Lewis said in a Yahoo! Sports report. ''You have to keep your emotions in because it's the unreal part about it, that I walked two days from retiring and winning a Super Bowl to walking in and seeing my son following me to my alma mater. Who writes a storybook ending like that?''

Lewis III was born during the famed linebacker's junior year of college which the recently retired NFL star said helped him decide to take things to a professional level.

''I made a stand my junior year in college, the year he was born, that it was time for me to go to the league,'' Lewis said. ''Now the year that he's walking into college I've made another stand that it's time for me to leave the league. Him being born has been a factor in entering the league and leaving the league.''

Although the University of Miami's football program is currently under investigation for unethical practices within the organization, Lewis III said those issues did not deter him from joining his father's alma mater.

''The sanctions and some of those things, it didn't change my decision whether I wanted to go there or not but it was something I thought about,'' Lewis III said in a Yahoo! Sports report. ''It is unfortunate, but sometimes it's got to get worse before it gets better.''

While his son may likely be a defensive back for Miami, Lewis has been vocal about retiring to support Lewis III since entering the NFL playoffs on his journey to the Super Bowl.

''God is calling. My children have made the ultimate sacrifice for their father for 17 years," Lewis said in a press conference last month. "I don't want to see them do that no more. I've done what I wanted to do in this business, and now it's my turn to give them something back.''